The Biggest TVs Ever

The biggest TVs ever: Size matters in this arena!

While other gadgets like cellphones, notebook computers and cars are getting more compact, the race in the world of the television is still in the other direction— bigger and better TVs are still coming out as we gain more mastery over the plasma and LCD TV technology. In this post is a list of the biggest of them all that has been created so far. Note that some of the following may already be obsolete or are no longer being sold.

  1. LG.Philips 100-inch LCD Panel – this is circa 2006 but it’s still one of the biggest ever. Though it has already been beaten as you’ll see below, I still see it as a great achievement. It got listed on the 2007 Guiness Book of World Records for Biggest LCD TV, too! However, I can’t find if this is still being sold.
  2. LG 102-inch Plasma – this is circa 2005 and one of the early monsters and was a true 1080p HD with a contrast ratio of 5000:1! This one was pretty amazing considering it was released 4 years ago. A pretty long time in the world of tech!
  3. Samsung 102-inch Plasma TV – announced in 2005 and also one of the early monsters! However, it appears that this wasn’t even released in the market (according to Such a waste if true.
  4. Panasonic 103-inch Plasma – was the original monster of its day (circa 2007) and was sold for about $70,000. Ouch.
  5. Hitachi 103-inch Plasma – an inch over that of Samsung’s and LG’s 102-inchers and Hitachi claims the throne! This was announced in 2007 and was intended for professional use (probably went for a professional price tag as well). Full HD with 5000:1 contrast.
  6. Runco 103-inch Plasma TV – Runco what? I only got wind of this TV when I was researching for this post through Google. Runco, apparently, is a home theater company and looks like its family-owned business. See more about the Runco 103-inch TV.
  7. Sharp 108-inch Aquos LCD TV – simply a King of the  LCD but this one is stuck in TV limbo. This was announced in 2007 but I believe no one has seen it in the markets yet. Too bad I was gonna buy one… Kidding. 🙂
  8. Panasonic 150-inch Plasma TV – Panasonic strikes again with this godzilla! Where the heck will you put that in your living room?! Announce early 2008 and was planned on being released this year (2009). Bad year to release a new TV when prices of TVs are to plunging.

There you have it. Do you need to buy any of these TVs? Absolutely not! If you wish to buy a TV get those $600 big screens I talked about in my previous post about when’s a good time to buy a TV. If you’re TV’s malfunctioning, it might be good idea to just have it repaired first. This repair tv yourself blog might help in finding some info about TV repair.


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