Is the Plasma TV on its way out?

Plasma TV

Plasma TV

All this time I thought plasma televisions were more energy efficient. Apparently, I’m quite wrong in this notion as it seems there are factions moving to abolish plasma screen TVs because of their power guzzling habits, which, on the average, consumes more electricity than its other big screen counter parts (LCD and rear projection).

A report on CNet about the comparative power consumption of big screen televisions states that plasma TVs, on the average, consume about 50% more than LCDs and rear-projection displays. They obtained this data from an experiment involving a sample of 139 televisions. They measured each unit’s energy consumption while being used and while it is not being used (in stand-by mode).

Power consumption compared:
Average for plasma: 339 watts
Average for rear-projection: 211 watts
Average for LCD: 213 watts

The above results indicate that indeed plasma TVs can cause an increase in your monthly electricity expenses which in an indirect way, is seen as bad for the environment (since most energy used today come from non-renewable sources that has definite impact on the planet).

Hence, this is part of the reason why some European regulators are moving to remove plasma TVs from the market to arrest the ever-increasing power demands of modern households.

Plasma TVs are known for superior picture quality especially in color rendition and shadow detail but one of their turn-offs (no pun intended) is their power needs. However, plasma manufacturers seem to be fighting back by trying to meet energy standards now being imposed by the US, Europe, Australia and other countries to somehow attempt a comeback versus the increasingly popular and energy efficient LCD televisions.

I personally don’t care too much for shadow detail while watching TV shows and would always opt for something that’s energy efficient but with very acceptable picture quality. The LCD seems to be opening up the gap in this race as its technology improves day by day. It would be sad to see the plasmas go away but they better draw up a good plan to improve energy efficiency or there will be nowhere for them to go but obsolescence.



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